Precious Pets

Rowdy: the favorite family member.

Every night, the kids fight over who gets to sleep with Rowdy!

12 years ago we decided to get a dog for our 3 children ages 5, 3, and 1. We wanted a dog that wasn’t too big and didn’t shed. We found a lady selling puppies and the mom was a poodle so we “thought” her puppies wouldn’t shed…. We were wrong! Apparently, he took after his daddy. As soon as we saw a picture of him we fell in love and knew he was the puppy for us. His previous owners were calling him Rowly – not really sure why.

That name was hard for our kids to say but he was already used to it. So we decided to go with Rowdy so he wouldn’t be too confused. Rowdy has been the best dog ever! He is truly a part of our family. Every night the kids fight over who gets to sleep with Rowdy. Rowdy is very protective of his family. When we are gone he stays outside and keeps an eye on things. When we get home he runs around the outside of the house to make sure everything is safe and then he won’t come in until we are all in the house. We joke that he is our sheepdog herding us in the house.

There is a permanent indent in the grass where he runs around the yard, it makes me smile every time I see it. Even though Rowdy is getting old, he is often mistaken for a puppy. He is still full of energy, although he has never liked toys and never chews things or digs holes. He really is the perfect dog. The only thing he needs to make him happy is his family. We really love our Rowdy!

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