Precious Pets-Lucy the Stray

She picked this family seven years ago and they have loved her since.

Almost seven years ago, a dirty mutt showed up and plunked herself down on our doorstep. We had a wonderful dog reaching her last years and were not ready for a new pet, but with no tags to reference and being unable to find her home, we couldn’t say no. We have loved her ever since!

Lucy is the sweetest dog and an integral part of our family. We can’t imagine her not being around. She loves a good back rub and attention from anyone. She talks to us in a cute, low grumbly voice. She also loves kids and is so protective of them. Our 2-year-old grandson is her buddy, and when he’s upset, she’s the first to be by his side, nuzzling into him. When all the grandbabies are over, Lucy will just lie there so patiently, watching them curiously, while they play with, on, and around her. We find ourselves being overprotective of her at times because of her sweet demeanor and willingness to play, even when it gets rough.

Lucy is a socialite who loves everyone. You’ll often find her roaming the neighborhood, visiting people and dogs alike or just snooping around. When she doesn’t make her rounds, her dog friends will show up at our front door and wait for her to come out and play. When the front door is opened, off she goes, but she always finds her way home.

Lucy is a very happy, yet mischievous, dog. We love her, even when she’s naughty and steals food right off the kitchen table. She travels with us, sleeps next to the bed, and is a loyal companion to have around. She always makes sure we know we are loved, and we never hesitate to make sure she knows it too!

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