Precious Pets

Abby is a fun, loving six-year-old golden retriever that is loved and will always be loved. We loved her from the beginning and will love her until the end.

Even though she is six years old, she is still a puppy in heart. One of our favorite things she does is “Zommers.” This is when she lays down expecting a belly rub, but instead we tackle her excitedly, she gets up and runs 1-2 fast laps around us, trying to prove that she’s bigger than us and then runs into the flower bed.

Abby is a really happy and smiley dog. When you start petting her and decide to stop she will eagerly push her nose under your arm asking for you to keep going. She also loves holding your hand and talking to you.

Abby is a very loyal dog. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her. One time my siblings and I were on scooters and bikes in a parking lot of a dentist office when an aggressive dog got out of its yard and came after us. We all got to the stairs and Abby stayed between us and the dog and threatened to nip him if he got any closer.

Abby is a very kind, friendly, smart and loyal dog and will be loved forever!

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