Power Tumbling Superstar – Akela Magee

Have you ever watched something and, without knowing, your jaw is almost to the floor? You sit in anticipation over what’s going to happen next? This is exactly how you will feel after watching Akela Magee complete eight flips, including a double pike, during a floor pass! Akela is one of North Ogden’s rising superstars and just returned from Des Moines, Iowa, where she placed fourth in the National Power Tumbling Floor Routine. Power tumbling is a form of gymnastics where the athletes perform their routines on the floor, a traditional trampoline, or a double mini trampoline.

Now 15, Akela started tumbling when she was just four years old. She learned her back handspring fast and then landed her first double when she was seven. She’s in six hours of classes each week and is focusing on becoming junior elite, which is the highest level of power tumbling in her age category.

Akela is multi-talented and has her second-degree black belt in Taekwondo and plays basketball and softball at school. When she’s not excelling in the sports she competes in, she loves to go camping and boating with her family.

She’s got the support of her family and all of us at North Ogden City! We’re cheering for you, Akela, and are excited to see where the future takes you!

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