Police Department Retiree-Dave Orme

Congratulations on your retirement, Officer Orme, you will be missed!

Dave Orme retired from North Ogden Police Department after more than 21 years of service to our city. He spent most of his time in the traffic division, bike patrol, and patrol. He is a very hard worker. Dave was the “go-to guy” whenever we had a traffic violation question that we couldn’t find the answer to. He has a knack for researching and finding the answers.

The knowledge he possesses will be missed by so many, and it’s unfortunate that the younger officers will never get a chance to learn from him. We tell new officers and citizens that it’s incredible that no one knows the name of our number one traffic enforcer, and this is because of his professionalism. The dedicated service he gave to North Ogden City cannot be measured.

He has four children, two daughters in-laws, two sons in-laws, and 12 grandchildren.

His hobbies are golfing, biking, bowling, being with family, and most importantly, playing with his grandkids. You’ll always find him out playing catch, kicking a soccer ball, or riding bikes with the grandkids. He is their biggest fan and tries to make it to all of their games. He is a wonderful father and grandfather whose example has shown us how to work hard, be kind, and take pride in what we do, no matter what the job is.

We wish Dave Orme the very best in his retirement. He will be missed.

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