Pleasant View’s Emergency Plans

Pleasant View CERT building

CERT is a program that has been in Utah for about 20 years. The purpose of this program is to educate those that can help so that they can remain safe and help those that need it.

Back in 1998, six people from Pleasant View decided that they wanted to be more involved with helping their neighbors and community be prepared for any disaster that may come. Jo Mitten, the only original planner still involved works with 4 newer volunteers, Charlette Christopher, Dewey Dipoma, Wendy Kenny, Ilene Hoffmann. These five have currently trained 250 community volunteers. They work closely with the City and even have their headquarters located next to the city offices. They became CERT certified so they could teach others and have continued to train and educate volunteers in order to be prepared for any possibility. Their goal is to help when police and fire departments are inevitably overwhelmed.

Trainings are held 2 times a year for anyone that is interested. Basic training is about 24 hours of information condensed to about 15 hours. Training includes Emergency Preparedness, Fire, Triage, and Treatment of wounded, Psychological Assistance, Search and Rescue, Communication and a Mock Disaster experience.

With only 250 people trained and a population nearing 10,000 in Pleasant View, more volunteers are needed. Activities happen for volunteers 3 times a year to keep training fresh. Sometimes they have speakers come or just have fun while reviewing the plan and training. Once every 2 years, there is a dinner to show appreciation for all the volunteers. The city holds a city-wide disaster exercise most years at Founders Day in order to continue to educate everyone on the plans.

Block captain program – Throughout the city, many homes have been divided into groups of 10 houses and each group with one assigned leader. Each leader has a hand radio for communicating with the city. Their duty is to check in on their 10 families and make sure they are ok. They are then to radio the city and report on their group. This will help police and the fire department narrow down who is most in need of help, saving time and hopefully lives.

For more information please call city hall

at (801) 782-8529.

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