Pleasant View Mayor’s Message

Summer has finally arrived. Well, not officially, but it seems like our summer season really starts at Memorial Day and runs until Labor Day. With summer brings community celebrations. We are going to have another great Founder’s Day this year. It will be on Saturday, June 23rd. Look for a full slate of activities starting bright and early and running until late that night, concluding with our awesome fireworks display at Weber High School. Thanks to all that are helping with this big event. It takes so many individuals to pull this off. I’m afraid I do not have the space to call everyone out by name. I’m also afraid that if I tried I might miss someone. Again, my personal thanks to all that help plan, prepare, execute and clean up for this important community event. More information is available in another section of this magazine. We know that we are competing with the Hill Air Base Thunderbird show and hope that those attending that event will still be able to enjoy part of our day. 

We are in the midst of putting together our annual budget. The public hearing for the budget will be June 12th at 6:00 pm. We are not considering a tax increase, but we would love to have interested parties attend the public hearing and make any comments you have concerning the budget. Copies of the tentative budget are available at the City office.   

The City has been contacted about a project that a citizen is putting together. We feel like this is a great cause and will be an excellent addition to our City Center. Christie Bailey is working on putting together the design, funding and other logistical needs of erecting a Veterans’ Memorial for those citizens of Pleasant View that have served in the military throughout our City’s  history. She is looking for anyone that would like to be involved to help in this noble endeavor. Please feel free to reach out to her at  if you have any questions or would like to help. Christie and the City would both like to acknowledge and thank Frank Maughan for his help in this project and the many other projects and service that he has provided through the years in support of veterans.      

I would like to bring your attention to what I consider a hidden jewel within our community. That is the Wadman Nature Park located at 400 West 4300 North. If you have not had a chance to go check it out, I would encourage you to do so. It is a very peaceful, serene place with a trail that runs through it. It would be a great way to spend an evening with your family. A nice peaceful walk through the park and there is even a bowery where you could enjoy a picnic. It’s a beautiful place that I’m hoping more people can be aware of and take advantage of its beauty. Thanks to Councilman Jerry Burns and many Boy Scouts in helping make improvements to this park and other projects around our community  

As Mayor, I reflect so much more on what makes this the greatest community in the State. I examine every little aspect of what we do, why we do it, and how we get it done. I encourage you to look around at your City. To notice what is happening on a daily basis, the things that go on behind the scenes: water, sewer, police, parks, recreation, snow plowing, animal control, court, and all the associated work that goes on for development. The list is much bigger than I have space for. We are here for you and everything we do is to make your life here more enjoyable so that hopefully you will always want to call Pleasant View your home. Feel free to send me an email and tell me what you love and what we can do better:   

Once again, thanks for caring, thanks for all you do, and thanks for being good neighbors. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that we remain the best place to not only grow up, but the best place to grow old.  

Leonard Call, 



P.S. from Melissa Spelts….

Mayor Call is right. Wadman Nature Park is GREAT! Check it out with your family.



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