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Pleasant View Mayor Message

Mayor Leonard Call

Just a reminder that we will be holding a primary election this year.  The date is August 13th, so please take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to be involved in choosing your elected officials.  We have 4 seats open this year and we have an impressive slate of hopefuls vying to serve.  I would encourage all of them to be honest, fair, and to tell you, the voter what they stand for.  I hope that there are no personal attacks on other candidates or negative campaigning.  This is a great city and I personally believe that you and I as citizens want to hear about issues and solutions, not personal vendettas or bad mouthing of others.  Hopefully, civility will rule the day and we will have an opportunity to make our selections based on merit.

I had a wonderful thing happen to me last month.  I was attending the Weber State University fireworks and my 8-year-old granddaughter turned to me and said; “grandpa, these are good, but not as good as Pleasant View’s”.    Oh, the perception of our children.  Priceless.

Finally, if you haven’t had a chance to attend a food truck event at Barker Park, I would encourage you to come and give it a try.  There is plenty of fun to be had.  Be on the lookout for more events, food, and fun at the park.   A special thanks to our Recreation Director Alison and to Council Member Urry for putting these events together.

Once again, thanks for caring, thanks for all you do, and thanks for being good neighbors.  I am committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that we remain the best place to not only grow up, but the best place to grow old.  

Mayor Leonard Call

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