Pleasant View Mayor Message

Mayor Leonard Call

Autumn is just around the corner, but as I’m writing this, it sure doesn’t seem like it. It’s 100 degrees today. Just a reminder: I’m writing this in mid-August for publication in September, so I am making certain assumptions about what is going to happen between now and the first part of September. Hopefully, our children have returned to school, and they and their teachers are staying safe. I so desperately want life back to normal, most of all, for our children. What a confusing and unsettling time for them, and it is difficult for us to explain and for them to fully grasp all that is happening. Please don’t just assume that all is right in their world. See if they have questions or concerns that you can address.

Speaking of children and school, please remember as you are hurrying to get to work, or to the store, or wherever you are going, that you watch out for our students. Remember to obey the school zones and watch out for the crossing guards. Drive like their lives depend on you, because they do!

I have had several of you reach out to me and ask that I include a plea to each of you to please follow the traffic laws. Speeding is of particular concern, not just on major roads, but on neighbor roads as well. Please slow down and obey the law. The speed limit through our neighborhoods is 25 mph. Please, please, please obey the law! I have asked our Police Chief to beef up enforcement of the residential speed zones. Please slow down; I really don’t want you to receive a citation, but something needs to be done to curb this problem. Also, let your teenagers know that we are increasing patrol of these areas, and that they can expect a citation if caught speeding.

Please continue to take precautions to avoid exposure to COVID-19. Stay smart about it, stay safe about it, and stay informed about it.

Once again, thanks for caring, thanks for all you do, and thanks for being good neighbors. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that we remain the best place to not only grow up, but the best place to grow old.

Mayor Leonard Call

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