Pleasant View Mayor Message

It is fast approaching. I get so excited this time of year. I love spring! Wow, it sure has been an interesting winter this year. Warm, cold, warm, cold, repeat. This has brought an interesting pattern with beautiful white landscapes followed by brown, dormant, ugly grass, then back to pretty white. At least this on-off pattern has resulted in mixing the air up a little bit more frequently with less long, dreary periods of dirty air. Now comes that time of renewal. The city will once again blossom into life, both figuratively and literally. People are able to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and most importantly the sunshine.

Now, for a public service announcement. Utah is the number one state for melanoma. That’s right, the deadliest form of skin cancer out there, and we get the honor, no let’s say – we get the horror of being #1. As you start venturing out into the great outdoors this spring and summer, protect yourself, and please make sure to protect your children and grandchildren. Those UV rays they are getting now can come back to haunt them as they get older.

A special thanks to our staff who have been out snow plowing. I’m not sure if you really noticed, but this season most of the big heavy storms occurred on holidays. That meant they didn’t get a holiday. They were out there making sure that we could travel to where we were going to celebrate with family and friends. And thanks to you that have ensured that your vehicles were not on the street when the storms hit. It is extremely dangerous and difficult to plow around parked vehicles.

As I did last year, I would encourage you to drive around the city and see what is happening. We have a lot of commercial buildings that have opened in the past year, and I’m finding that many of you don’t even realize they are here in Pleasant View. We as a city are working with developers to entice more commercial and retail business into our city, especially along the 2700 North corridor. It is an extremely difficult process. Like the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink;” you can’t make someone buy property and build what you want. But we will never give up. We will keep on leading!

As always, I am committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that Pleasant View remains the best place to not only grow up, but the best place to grow old.
Mayor Leonard Call

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