Pleasant View Mayor Message

February brings an opportunity to remember those that have been elected to the highest office in the Country during President’s Day. A federal holiday was first established to celebrate and honor the birth of America’s first President. Today’s world is in turmoil. Our own Country is not exempt from the battle that seems to be reaching a fevered pitch. Whatever your political leanings, I would hope that everyone could agree to respect the office of the President. I am certain that no individual ever has or ever will hold that office that has had a one hundred percent approval rating. Every President has had his detractors. Let us celebrate not just the people that have been elected President, but the concept behind the election of this office. Celebrate the freedom that this represents, and the day set aside to celebrate and honor those that have taken on this duty.

I would like to report that we have had several meetings as a new council and that we are committed to being even more united and dedicated to working in a harmonious environment to conduct the affairs of this great city. We have been and will continue to move forward on many projects and the establishment of priorities for the new year.

We will be looking at recycling and the new fees that the recycler will be charging to determine the needed next step. We will be looking at all areas of the recycling operation to make sure that this enterprise fund is self-supporting and does not require a large impact to our general fund. A lot more information will follow as we dig deep into this issue. So do not panic if you hear rumors or see reports of other cities and their recycling programs. I promise we are doing our homework on this issue.

On behalf of the city council, the administration, the staff, and myself, we thank you for your support, for your choice to not only live in Pleasant View, but to call it your Home. As always, I am committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that Pleasant View remains the best place to not only grow up, but the best place to grow old.

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