Parks Pulling Double Duty–Winter Runoff Update

Oaklawn Park Detention Pond

North Ogden City has seen a record amount of snowfall this past winter. When the snow warms up, the runoff season starts. You may see these ponds as you venture out and about; some may be in your backyard lot or in a new development going in to help the city grow. North Ogden also utilizes a few of their parks as detention ponds.

Orton/Green Acres, Oaklawn Park, Wadman Park, McGriff, and North Ogden Ballfield are all detention ponds that hold water back during these times of runoff or excess stormwater. This is their first intended use to help control the release of water downstream to other cities. The second purpose of these parks is to recreate and enjoy the local beauty North Ogden has to offer.

Wadman Park Detention Pond

With all the snowfall and runoff these parks have been slammed with water since early April. When water sits in these parks it causes the turf to lose the oxygen, sunlight, and other resources that it needs to survive. Once the water is gone from the park, it will take some time for the ground to dry so the city can get equipment on the fields to start the renovation process. Most of the parks will have sediment and debris that will have washed into them which will need to be removed before any field maintenance can start. Aerating, spraying weeds, and mowing the longer grasses are the first steps to start the renovation process. After the prep work is done, the city will be able to reseed/overseed these damaged areas and get the grass back into the soil. After the seeding process, the area will have to be kept moist to encourage growth. If you see water in the parks, please know this is the reason and stay off the areas that have been marked.

Please know that North Ogden City Public Works is aware of the damage and has the plan to restore the parks so the residents can recreate and enjoy their favorite outdoor spots again. We appreciate your time, patience, and understanding.

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