Park Spotlight: Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park is the city’s narrowest park located at 2641 N. 400 E., just north of Lee’s Marketplace. This beautiful park of 1.25 acres is home to the famous “North Ogden Stump,” with fresh well water available year-round. The park also hosts North Ogden’s Veteran’s Memorial, listing many of the heroes from North Ogden. In addition to the water at the stump, there is a stream running through the park. If you follow the sidewalk to the west side of the park, it connects to the new Bicentennial Trail (2015) for the next 1/3 mile and continues on into Pleasant View, great for biking, walking and running. After the stump, Bicentennial Park is most famous for the beautiful lights in the trees during the month of December. 

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