Parents are the #1 Reason Kids Don’t Drink


Learn the three ingredients to prevent underage drinking at Lee’s Marketplace as the Weber CTC Coalition kicks off the Parents Empowered Campaign!

Start Early
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends talking to kids about underage drinking as early as nine years old. Research shows that kids are making up their minds about alcohol between ages of 9 and 13, and those perceptions can become more favorable as they mature.

Have Small Chats
Having little talks together over time takes the pressure off of trying to get all the information out at once. Your kids will also be less likely to tune you out. Use everyday situations, such as meals, driving in the car, or taking a trip to the local grocery store. The more it becomes a regular topic, the more natural it will be for both of you.

Be Clear
Even the slightest amount of perceived parental acceptability can lead to substance use. A Utah study shows when kids believe their parents feel underage drinking is “very wrong” only three percent actually drink. But, if kids believe their parents feel it’s just “wrong” or “a little wrong,” almost half choose to drink. Make your expectations about not drinking alcohol before age 21 clear.

Parents can prevent underage drinking with 1) Bonding, 2) Boundaries, and 3) Monitoring.
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