Our City Council at Work

The City Council held its regular business meeting on xx, 2023. Here are some of the significant actions taken at the meeting:

  • Presentation by Kyle Hunter about installing a Disc Golf course in North Ogden.
  • Presentation by Weber CTC about putting up banners to support suicide prevention.
  • Request for $1000 donation to support Weber FFA Junior Livestock Program.
  • Presentation from Urban and Main Consulting.
  • Approval was given to defer sidewalk widening improvements for the frontage of 2251 and 2284 North Washington Blvd.
  • Development Agreement was approved for the property at 1651 North Washington Blvd.
  • Ordinance was passed to update Fire Code.
  • An agreement was approved for a contract with TecServ for Computer Services.
  • Ordinance 15-2023 to amend the General Plan to permit manufacturing uses within the South Town Neighborhood near approximately 1651 North and 1659 North Washington Boulevard was passed unanimously.
  • Swearing in and acceptance of the new City Recorder, Rian Santoro.
  • Ordinance 16-2023 to update Title 11, Section 10 Article B, Manufacturing Zone M1 to permit Storage Units as permitted use was passed unanimously.
  • Lynne Bexell provided the report on the Cherry Days Celebration and those who served on the Cherry Days Committee were recognized for all their hard work and presented with an award and gift basket.
  • A discussion was held regarding the best use of RDA Funds to the benefit of the RDA Area.
  • The City Attorney/Manager provided an update on the Spring 2023 flood damages and repairs.
  • Several public comments were received regarding the RDA funds.
  • The Council decided to move forward on the location of the disc golf park. It was decided that it will be located near the Equestrian Park.


City Council meetings held the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, starting at 6 p.m.

Work sessions are held as needed on the first Tuesdays of each month at 6 p.m.
Visit northogdencity.com/meetings for changes.

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