Our City Council at Work

The City Council held its regular business meetings in September. Here are some of the significant actions that were taken:

  • This year’s Property Tax was increased by 2.92% which averages to about $9.99 per household.
  • Chief Quinney discussed the City’s growth and the need for a 23rd officer.
  • The Conditional Acceptance of the Views at Rockwood, a 35-lot subdivision, was approved.
  • Ordinance 2023-17, The Final Budget and Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 was passed unanimously.
  • Resolution 04-2023 to adjust the Common Boundary with Ogden City at approximately 1500 North Washington Blvd. related to the Coopers Towne MPC Project was passed unanimously.
  • The Contract Timeline for the Lomond View Pickle Ball Courts was approved, and it is the City’s intent to move forward with Courts Unlimited for the Pickel Ball Courts construction.
  • North Ogden City’s newest Police Officer, Jaden Hammer, was sworn in.
  • City Code 8-8 – Private Landscaping on Public Property was discussed, specifically regarding the 75% fencing transparency. This item was postponed for further discussion to be had.
  • The Village at Prominence Pointe Development Agreement Amendment 9 was approved to allow the drive-thru lane between the building and the public street unless a three-foot landscaped berm is located between the drive-thru lane and the public street. The motion passed with a 3-2 vote.
  • The Interlocal Agreement with Weber School District for the School Resource Officer Program at North Ogden Junior High was unanimously approved.
  • The North Ogden Police Taser Agreement with Axon was approved for the purchase of Tasers.
  • The Towing Agreements with Lost Recovery Towing, Weber Towing, Stauffer’s Towing, True Towing Extension, and Zac’s Towing were approved.
  • A discussion was had regarding the RDA Grant Program and the projects that the grant will fund. The North Shore Aquatic Center was the unanimous priority for funding. A Work Session is scheduled for further discussion to be had on the RDA Area.
  • The City Attorney/City Manager discussed officially naming City projects and it was ultimately decided that the naming of those projects would be the responsibility of the department heads and staff.
  • Resolution 5-2023 was presented and approved; going forward two City Council Members must approve prospective presentations to be placed on the City Council agendas proposed by the public.
  • The earthquake standards for the water tank were discussed and it was explained that to meet those standards, the concrete must be poured at a certain temperature and all at once. In order to pour at the required temperature, the pour must occur at 1:00 AM which would violate City Code 5-3 Sound Regulations. It was approved to amend that Ordinance, allowing for this concrete to be poured.


City Council meetings held the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, starting at 6 p.m.
Work sessions are held as needed on the first Tuesdays of each month at 6 p.m.
Visit northogdencity.com/meetings for changes.

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