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By Dr. Aaron T. Ward


Smiling releases endorphins that actually help us feel happier. So why don’t we smile more often? For many, it is because they have had such bad luck with teeth that they are embarrassed of showing their teeth when they smile. Dental implants can help solve that problem. With so many advertisements and the flood of information found online, it can be very confusing to know all your options.

Unfortunately, the options are far too complicated to explain on one page, but here is a summary of some of your options.


There are 2 basic categories of dental implant full-mouth prostheses.
• Implant retained – the implants simply help retain a denture in place. The teeth are not secured firmly to the implants; therefore, they remain slightly loose. This behaves much like a denture with a little more retention. The more implants you place, the better the retention. Some call this “Snap in dentures”
• Implant supported – the implants fully support and retain the teeth in place. This behaves differently from a standard denture as it is not loose and the teeth are typically quite a bit less bulky than a denture. All-on-four fits in this category. It uses only 4 implants to replace up to 16 teeth.

Within each category, there are multiple ways to place implants and make the teeth. In many instances, we can remove the infected teeth, place implants, and make teeth that connect to the implants the same day, but in some cases, that is not possible.

To truly understand what will work well for you, call Dr. Ward at (801) 394-6651 to schedule a complimentary evaluation and treatment conference. Dr. Ward is excited to help you understand the condition of your teeth and explain in detail the many options available to you.

What our patients say:

“Dr. Ward is an exceptional periodontist. He sets very high standards for himself as well as his office staff. When he works, he accepts nothing but the best results.”

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