Olympus Fireworks

This family business has grown into the largest 

independent fireworks company in Utah!

You have likely heard of Black Cat and Phantom Fireworks, large national fireworks brands, but did you know that Olympus Fireworks are the largest independent fireworks company in Utah? Not only locally owned and operated but in the spirit of entrepreneurship, they partner with local entrepreneurs who want to open their own fireworks booth to make extra money. 

35 years ago when Theron Watson, who eventually took over the business from his dad, was a teenager, he helped his father sell fireworks at a booth to make extra money to pay for travel expenses from their then home of Washington State to visit family here in Utah. The family expanded operations and opened more booths over time in Utah and Washington. Today Theron and his brother Tyson run the business and continue to grow and expand their reach across the state.  

With over 40 retail fireworks tents scattered throughout Northern Utah, the company has come a long way. Theron remembers when they were still new, he would get dropped off at one of the family’s stands with a bedroll and his dad would just drop off food to him daily. He would sleep there for 7 nights during the busy season. 

Now located in Syracuse, UT, Olympus is still growing and helping Utahns enjoy the season of celebration. The Watsons have always been a patriotic family and love that their business honors the sacrifices of those who have served in our armed services and our great country. 

Locally, you may have noticed an Olympus fireworks stand in Pleasant View, in front of the Lady Fitness off of 2700 N. This stand is operated by Kyle Hunter and Paul Greenhalgh. 

Kyle and Paul met at Weber State University in 2010. As history majors they had several classes together and quickly became friends. Although they focused on different things, they both traveled to Wisconsin in 2012 to present their research at a national conference. Kyle graduated that year and took a job teaching history in Yuma, Arizona. Paul graduated in 2013.

By chance, they were both offered history teaching jobs in 2014 at Venture Academy High School in Ogden, UT and found out that they would again be working with each other over Facebook, a  happy surprise. 

In 2015, they began selling fireworks for Phantom Fireworks to make a few extra bucks between school years. As teachers with families, they were looking for a way to earn some extra money and still work in the profession that they love. After that first year, they met, and made friends with Olympus Fireworks general manager Scott Hall. Since then they have sold Olympus fireworks, in front of Lady Fitness and Lost Texan BBQ on 2700 North.

They like working for a local company that gives customers more bang for their buck. Kyle and Paul quickly became one of the top selling locations for Olympus and hope to have a record year this year. 

The way they see it, they’re selling more than just fireworks, they’re selling an emotional experience, something that makes you ooh and aah. These guys are low pressure and dedicated to helping their customers create fantastic shows at any price point. That’s why people from Idaho to Saint George buy fireworks from them. Drop by and say Hi to Kyle and Paul this summer. The stand will be open from June 29th through July 4th and will reopen for Pioneer Day from July 21st through July 24th.  Located in front of Lady Fitness and Lost Texan off of 2700 N.

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