Northern Ice

So much more than ICE!

Since 2012, Northern Ice has been a favorite fixture in North Ogden. The business began when David Gordon wanted a way for his boys to work and have a job for the summer. He and his oldest son built the building and each of his sons have
successively managed the business. Each year they have worked together to put in the sprinkler system, landscaping, a bridge, a bench, a gazebo, and even a place to do s’mores (no need to go to the store – s’more kits are available at Northern Ice).

This year they added some bears out on the lawn and they want you to name them. Go to: to enter to win a shaved ice party kit! Hurry! Contest ends this week!

The search for employees begins each year in about February, but it’s such a great place to work that a lot of the employees return to work another season. David has a great philosophy about contributing to the community and requires that his
employees find an event to volunteer their time, and Northern Ice donates the needed supplies. They have supported events at the local schools, North Ogden events like Chalk-it-Up and church fundraisers, just to name a few. There are usually about 12 part-time employees who are happy to make you a date-night treat or just help you satisfy a craving.

Northern Ice has shaved ice, of course, with great flavor choices, but they have so much more for you to enjoy! Did you know that you can get “Dole Whip Softserve” just like you enjoy at “the happiest place on earth?” Flavors include the signature pineapple, raspberry, strawberry and mango. They have “Swirl Freezes” – hard ice cream that becomes soft serve. Or how about a float? Or how about an “N”ice Cream Pie that is made with the finest premium ice cream available. They are so rich, flavorful, and “worth it”! There are also dairy-free and sugar-free options on their menu.

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