North Ogden’s Oldest Home: Part Two

Last month we featured a historical look at the oldest standing home in North Ogden built by Elihu Warren. When Al and Eileen Hollywood opened this magazine last month, they were surprised to see their house was the subject of the story. They called us to fill us in on where things are now with this historic home.

Moving from a slower paced community in California, Pollock Pine in the Sierra Nevadas, the Hollywoods fell in love with this old house before even walking through it in 2016. They had only seen an internet listing when they made their offer. It matched the style of home that they loved from Colonial Williamsburg, VA. Though the home needed some work to make it more comfortable, the Hollywoods loved the look and especially the history of their new home.

Because of their respect for the history of the home they have attempted to make updates that matched or at least complemented the original style. Though the windows are modern and energy efficient, they look like they belong in the time period of the home. The paint and flooring choices also work from a historical standpoint.

The deep window sills are so pretty at over 2.5 feet deep—wow those are thick walls. The front entry staircase is the original and would not meet up with modern code, but the original handrail is a beautiful piece of history.

Hidden behind a secret door are stairs going down to the original basement, they appear to be original steps and you can see the original stone walls that look like a 150 year old jigsaw puzzle. The original floor joists are also visible. In the basement, there is a door that looks very old. Upon opening it, you see the outdoor stairs that led down to the basement. The stairway is now blocked by the garage that has since been added to the house.

The kitchen has been remodeled by the Hollywoods. They opened it up a bit and created a great place for their family to gather when they come to visit.

The Hollywoods love living in North Ogden. In fact, when they contacted Lowes to help with the remodeling, they spoke with Leslie Liechty who was so excited to help. She informed them that her maiden name is Warren and in fact her great-great grandfather was the man who built the home. It felt like the perfect fit to have her consult on the remodeling to help preserve a bit of North Ogden and her family’s history.

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