North Ogden Mayor’s Message


Safety in our World Today

Recently I attended a Security Seminar sponsored by Representative Chris Stewart.  It was very enlightening and concerning regarding our safety in the troubled world in which we live.  We are fortunate that we haven’t had as many terrorist events as other countries.  There were several speakers including Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and CongressmanTrey Gowdy (R-SC),Ambassador Faycal Gouia of Tunisia, President and Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D., and Governor Gary Herbert.

The initial question that lead the discussion was, “Is the United States united enough to lead the world?”  The conflicts in our society are our greatest vulnerability in this nation.  There is a great need to unite our country both as citizens and government.  The level of discord affects our image in the world.  We need to figure out how to overcome the political discord that exists in the halls of our national government.  Politics seems to be the rule rather than working for the common good of the people.

The biggest focus that was mentioned was the need to address national security.  There are several countries that pose an immediate threat to our country.  There are massive networks of tens of thousands ready and wanting to attack the United States.  One of our most important weapons against terrorism is establishing a relationship with our allies in the Mideast.

We as citizens need to foster unity within our families, city, state, and our national government.  This country was built on unity because of the background of our ancestors seeking freedom.  It will take effort and work on our part to build unity and foster freedom in our nation in the future. It is a time to be optimistic. Remember during our darkest hours, we find the brightest lights.  

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