North Ogden Mayor Message

We are in the midst of the autumn season, a time when leaves are changing color, sweater weather is approaching after the heat of summer, and there are endless festive things to do this time of the year. Autumn is a time to appreciate nature with its color variations.  I am not looking forward to the cold weather that follows, but it is a great time of year.

The changing seasons we all enjoy in the midst of the mountains brings on a new look and feel of comfort.  There is some extra work of raking leaves, but North Ogden City has made it easier with the vacuum truck that comes by and picks them up thanks to our great public works department.

Despite the changing weather, there are opportunities to hike or just take a ride through the country.  The kids are excited about Halloween and all its activities and treats.

It is important to maintain a balanced perspective with the season change.  It is time to reflect that we as humans have no dominion over nature; we only participate in it.

We also have elections coming up.  I hope you study the issues and the candidates and vote for your selected choice to represent you in the City.  Being able to vote is a great privilege that was paid for with a high price.  At our primary election we had a 37% turnout which in some people’s mind is a good turnout.  I believe with the ease of voting by mail it should be much higher than that.  It takes only minutes to mark your ballots and drop them in the mail or drop boxes located in the city.  Let’s exercise this great privilege and vote to support those whom we would like to serve our city, we have some great candidates.

I hope you have an enjoyable fall season with family and friends and recognize that we have a great place to live and raise our families.

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