North Ogden Mayor Message

Mayor Neal Berube

Many of us have smart devices that we use to set alarms to wake us in the morning, notify us of scheduled events, and take notes to review later. We use our devices to remind us of things. The definition of a reminder, according to the dictionary, is: A thing that causes someone to remember something. The Coronavirus and the recent earthquake may have reminded us of several things. Some of those things may be to practice good hygiene and respect other’s rights. They may be a reminder to be prepared and to recognize how fragile the food supply can be. Perhaps of greater importance is recognizing how blessed we are to live in a community that cares about each other and how dedicated our city employees are to keep us safe and provide us with essential services. Within 30 minutes after the earthquake, I received a report that the city’s infrastructure was safe, and all employees were accounted for. The events reminded me that I have citizens around me that may need assistance and I can do more than I have in the past to help them. I was reminded that family and friends matter a great deal to me. I was reminded of many things, and I hope you were too. I just wish I could have been reminded by my smart device instead of an earthquake and a virus. You may have noticed that the city is making a concentrated effort to inform you of what the city is doing in order to deal with the recent events by posting information on our webpage ( and Facebook page ( I encourage you to stay informed by referencing these pages regularly. I also encourage you to consider giving additional support to our local businesses. Many of our friends and neighbors work at local establishments and need our help so they can continue to receive a paycheck. Please remember how important it is to shop local, even if it is online or over the phone.

There is a silver lining in just about everything. One of the silver linings I see in the recent events is the motivation for us to become more united and to become ONE NORTH OGDEN. Thanks for all you do to serve others in our community, and thank you for letting me serve as your mayor. Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t get to know our neighbors better. It looks like most of us will have plenty of time to look around us and see who could uses a smile and a little encouragement. Be safe and be calm!
Neal Berube,

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