North Ogden in 2030

The City is evaluating who we are and what will our identity be in the year 2030. To begin that discussion, we are looking for residents and other interested individuals to help us create a wish list of events, projects, and goals of the City. Once the list is created, the residents and Council will look at the tangible and intangible costs and benefits and select a vision for our community. These three questions are intended to spark “pie in the sky” as well as practical ideas and solutions so the City has all the options in front of it. Please help us out by spending some time really thinking about where you would like the City to be in 2030.

What type of activities, events, or programs would you like to see held in the City?

What type of projects or facilities would you like to see City funds support?

What do you think should be the City goals for the next 10 years?

The survey is found at

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