North Ogden Employee Ingenuity

In a way that North Ogden employees do best, our Parks Department figured out a way to water the flower baskets along Washington Blvd. better and more efficiently.

When the beautification project first came about, the Parks department put together a watering truck with a tank on the back and a hose attached. It took two people to go out and water the flowers 2x daily.

With a little ingenuity, our Parks supervisor Jesse Felter came up with a plan to develop a hydraulic arm that can be operated by the truck driver. This means that only one operator is needed and they can finish in half the time. Parks employees are assigned to make the rounds each day to water the flowers. With the help of the Public Works department, they were able to get this truck up and running, saving time and money for our city.

Great job to Jesse Felter and Tyler Nicotera from Parks, and Scott Felter, Tyrell Stark and Cooper Favero from Public Works for their work on this money saving device for our city.

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