North Ogden Community Costumes From Halloweens gone


Cindy Jones said, “This is from 2011, when my entire family dressed as spies. The costumes were 100% thrifted, but we had to seriously convince my youngest, who was two at the time, into wearing her glasses and that little pink coat. The picture of all of us was for a photo shoot, which she only agreed to because we agreed she could also get a picture in her preferred costume: a butterfly with orange wings. On Halloween, she ended up being a black kitty.”

Malan Flygare went to north Ogden Elementary when she wore this boat and shark costume. Her dad made the cardboard boat and they found the shark at a party store. Malan is now 19 and playing soccer in college in Washington.

Samantha Lowe Wayment dressed up her daughter, Avy Wayment, as a cabbage patch doll. Samantha crocheted the hat herself and put her in some clothing she already owned.

Kolton Kunz Easy Mac costume was made from a laundry basket from the dollar tree and lots of toilet paper rolls! The whole costume was less than ten dollars.

This is Sarah Hansen’s daughter, Nova Hansen, age three, in her costume from 2021. “She wanted to be a “purple alien.” Her costume is entirely homemade. I had the help of my mom to sew it. The total cost was around $20. We bought a purple headband, purple leggings, and sparkly silver shoes. She had purple hair, eyeshadow, and lipstick. We got glued-on stars and pom poms as an extra touch! She absolutely loved her costume!”

Stefanie Miller said, “We do a theme every year with our family. We love Halloween! My husband and I figure that, as long as the kids want to, we will dress as a theme family. Eventually, they will get too old and too cool for it, but until then, we will keep dressing up. This last year, it was my husband (Peter) and me (Stefanie) as the robbers and our two children, cops. Our dogs got into it this year with our Bernedoodle puppy (Mila) as a robber. We figured she was a mischievous one-year-old, so how could we not make her a bank robber? Our older pup(14) and a good old boy (Porter), was actually the captain. He wore a badge around his neck and all. My husband also made a cop car for my mother, who is in a wheelchair, to [be able to] participate and she had a blast with the siren and lights.”

The Hess Family as the Incredibles, along with Tyler Hess as Thor. Tyler Hess (Dad), Staci Hess (Mom), Savannah Hess (Violet), Sawyer Hess (Dash), Sophie Hess (Baby Jack Jack) and baby Skye (in mom’s tummy).

Owen Johnson won a contest with his homemade Tin Man costume.

Such Awesome Costumes from the past. What are you planning this year. We would love to see. Send your photos and a description to or submit them online at

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