North Ogden City Planning Dept. & The Cherry On Top


Have you ever wondered what is happening to a particular property while driving in North Ogden?

New signs, like the one above, will be posted to help you be aware of changes coming.

Occasionally, the Planning Department gets phone calls from residents after they noticed that something was going on at a particular property that they had driven past. We found that they didn’t realize that property had been rezoned or that a subdivision had been approved.

When considering changes to property, the Planning Dept. regularly mails notices to neighbors, publishes in the newspaper, and posts meeting agendas and still people would be surprised when changes happened to property in their neighborhood. The Planning Dept. spent some time talking about how they could be more proactive in letting people know what changes are happening to property. They decided to post physical signs on the property before changes were made that would alert passers-by that something was changing.

From now on when a project is going before the Planning Commission, the Planning Dept. will post signs to help you be aware of possible changes to land.

The North Ogden City Planning Dept. is doing more than is normally required to help residents know what is going on in our City so we recognize them with “The Cherry on Top!”

Thank you Rowan!

It was a quiet morning in the North Ogden Parks and Recreation office; the parks crew were out working hard while the office was full of people engrossed in their work. Suddenly the office door opened and in walked, a young man with a can-do attitude and a contagious smile.

The North Ogden City Planning Dept. is doing more than is normally required to help residents know what is going on in our City and so we recognize them with “The Cherry on Top!”

Rowan had just finished his 9th grade year at North Ogden Jr. High School and had a proposal for the City. Rowan likes dog training and mountain biking on the North Ogden trails. As he enjoyed these trails he noticed some people had a difficult time cleaning up after their dogs. He quickly set out to remedy this. He approached the front desk in the Parks and Recreation office and offered a proposal to help keep the trails clean.

After reviewing his proposal and seeing that he was willing to work, the park’s crew countered his proposal with a part-time job offer. His job was to keep the trails free of dog waste. He kept the trails clean and even started picking up any trash along his trails. Rowan has earned The Cherry On Top by showing his willingness to go above and beyond his job duties throughout the summer. We have received several reports of appreciation for his hard work. Rowan has shown himself to be authentic, pro-active, and a hard worker.


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