North Ogden City PEAK Award 2022

Progressive • Enthusiastic • Ambitious • Knowledgeable

Each year, the mayor, city council, and department heads nominate an employee who is Progressive, Enthusiastic, Ambitious, and Knowledgeable for the PEAK Award. This year, two employees were selected for this highly sought-after award: Crystal Polson and Richard Lopez.

Crystal Polson

Crystal has a friendly demeanor and cheerfulness about her that can brighten anyone’s day. She’s passionate about her job and is quick to respond to social media posts regarding public works related issues. Crystal’s laughter is vibrant and contagious, and you can see her smile over a phone call. Always stepping in when needed, Crystal is helpful, professional, and speaks positively about North Ogden. She has a tight knit friendship with many of her co-workers and is appreciated for her grateful perspective. Thank you for bringing your positive energy to our city.

Richard Lopez

Richard is calm, collected, attentive, accommodating, and always goes beyond the call of duty. Officer Lopez is extremely helpful when working city council meetings by greeting residents, making spur-of-the-moment copies, and most importantly, providing security. He exhibits a great deal of integrity and professionalism while patrolling our community and has compassion for those who are less fortunate. He brings a positive attitude and fun personality to the police department and has the backs of his brothers and sisters in blue. Your service is invaluable; thank You.

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