New Year’s Resolution 2019: NEVER Let Winter Be Boring

Snowshoeing is a great way to get some cardio. I know there are lots of you out there who have brand-new, never-been-used snowshoes hidden away in the back of your closet, waiting for the perfect time to take them out. Now is the time! Outdoor activities in the cold take a little extra preparation. Remember to dress in layers. It’s really cold out there, but snowshoeing makes you really warm. Dress for the conditions. It’s also important to keep an even pace in the winter because if you stop, you will get cold. To be comfortable, maintain an even level of exertion and dress accordingly. Pick a pace that you can maintain, and don’t stop. Be prepared for conditions to change as you gain altitude. It’s frequently windy and much colder as you climb higher. But the view is totally worth it.

We drove to the top of North Ogden Divide and took the south trail up toward the ridge, then we turned right and went through the trees. We followed Dan’s Ridge down. We saw moose beds, the marks of a hunting hawk’s wings on the snow, and rabbit tracks. (We aren’t sure who ended the day happy, the hawk or the rabbit.)  The views were spectacular. The air was clean and clear, and the sun was shining. The forest in the winter is so beautiful. I love the smell of the snow on the trees.  A perfect time to have fun with friends, the snow allows you to walk wherever you want. We looked for adventure off the beaten path.

Ann Park

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