While some describe the process of trying to sell or buy a home in the current environment as overwhelming, everyone knows that the real estate market has been competitive the last 2 years. We reached out to recently voted “Ogden’s Favorite Realtor” and “Weber County’s Favorite Realtor” Ashley Wolthuis with RE/MAX Associates to see if she could give us any tips on successfully navigating real estate.

QUESTION: What is one thing that both buyers and sellers can do right now to prepare to enter the real estate market?
Ashley Wolthuis: Learn your market. If you are planning on selling your house compare it to others that have recently sold or are currently listed. How does your house compare? Does it have the same features and is it in the same condition as those that sold for top dollar? Are there any repairs or updating needed to make it more comparable to those houses that have sold for your goal price? If so, will the cost of making those repairs or updates still give you a return on your investment? Not every upgrade or remodeling project will pay off to the point that it is worth the investment of time and money. Knowing what matters most to buyers right now and which investments to make that will have the biggest impact on the overall value of your home will be key to a successful sale.

If you are planning on buying a home, you also want to learn your market. Once you are preapproved for a loan and know your budget, look at homes that are currently available and have recently sold to see what the housing options are within your desired budget. What kind of offers have other successful buyers in the same price range made? What are sellers wanting and expecting to see in the offers they receive?

QUESTION: This is all really good advice, but how can the average homeowner or buyer learn all of this?
Ashley Wolthuis: The easiest way is to start working with an experienced real estate agent. Interview agents and ask to see their past sales and how they compare with others in your market. How long have they been an agent? How varied is their experience?

There is also a new Home App that I have been sharing with my clients which allows current homeowners to compare their homes to those that have recently sold and will help them track real estate activity in their neighborhood. Buyers can use the same app to see what homes they have been watching are selling for and for finding currently available homes. I think apps like this will be one of the greatest tools for keeping people up to date about real estate. The app is free and available to anyone. Just scan the QR code below to get started.

If you have questions about this app, the market or your particular real estate needs contact Ashley Wolthuis at 801-391-8503 or follow her on Instagram at @Ashley_Wolthuis_Realtor or through her Facebook Group, Northern Utah Home Elements.

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