Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates

Marie Cavanaugh was convinced she could raise money for a local project selling chocolates by using her mother’s recipes and with her friend’s help. She was right!

In 1963 she wanted to continue making chocolates and had the idea to start a business. She approached the local banker with an unlikely request for a woman in a small community. She took in a box of her chocolates and after the banker had eaten half the box he gave her the loan of $15,000 and ordered 200 lbs. of chocolates for Christmas.

Eventually the Cavanaugh Family moved to Utah and George and

Marie opened six locations. Ever wonder how we are so lucky to have one in North Ogden?  It’s because Marie, who lived in North Ogden at the time, figured if she craved good chocolates and didn’t want to drive to Bountiful to get them and that everyone else felt the same.

Eighteen years ago George and Marie purchased the old Maverik Store, added a drive-through window and a fireplace, and thus began supplying North Ogden with the finest chocolates made.

George passed away 3 ½ years ago and Marie now lives in Layton. Our North Ogden store is owned by their daughter Lorraine, who has continued the tradition of truly fine chocolates.

Not only do they have a wonderful selection of chocolates and candy and caramel corn (yum!), they have seasonal favorites like personalized eggs for Easter and chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day, or caramel apples in the fall, and of course locally-sourced strawberries that are hand-dipped daily in the North Ogden store between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

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