Mountain Springs Esthetix


Dr. Justin Cook helps patients reduce wrinkles, blemishes and facial hair.

Dr. Justin Cook and his team love helping their patients feel their best.

The man behind Mountain Springs Esthetix is Dr. Justin Cook, DDS, who has been practicing dentistry for the past 15 years. He started his career as a researcher at Myriad Genetics, which is an offshoot research facility from the University of Utah. He realized he was far too social to stay in that field and shifted careers by going back to school to become a dentist. Dentistry was the right path for him. He and his family moved to Texas for school, after he finished schooling he joined a dental office, after staying there he decided he wanted to start his own. While his and his wife’s parents were getting older, they felt drawn back to Utah to be close to their family again. He joined Ray Garner’s practice, Mountain Springs Dental, in North Ogden and has been helping people feel confident about their smiles ever since.

He explained how sometimes patients will be “wowed” by their $10,000 smile and how great it feels to know he was the one to deliver that smile. Dr. Cook noticed that sometimes the patient would follow up with, “but can you do anything about these wrinkles?” For most of his career, he did not have a satisfying answer to that question. For a while, the options in the industry involved an invasive process of a needle and provided what the body lacked, whether through paralyzing botox or fillers. However, five years ago, Dr. Cook was introduced to Vioramed’s Viora, which uses a no-needles approach to stimulate the body to produce collagen the way it once did. Collagen is the cushion that keeps your skin tight and prevents it from sagging.

While in Los Angeles for training to refine Dr. Cook’s sedation techniques, a trainer asked a friend of his to demonstrate the Viora V20 during their lunch break. When he learned the machine was more esthetic than dental, he started to tune out. However, the group’s response intrigued him. “The people in the room really responded and talked about how it didn’t hurt, and the results were almost immediate. I watched these dentists ‘ooh’ and ’ahh’ over this machine, and had to ask myself if I was meeting all my patient’s needs.”

Just selling a practice in Fort Worth, Texas, it was not the right time to add a service; nor was it the right time when he joined Mountain Springs Dental. But when Dr. Favero, an incredible chiropractor, relocated his practice from within the dental practice to his new facility downstairs, Dr. Cook decided that this was the right time. The space in the dental office was perfect for a tiny little med spa where he could make skin healthier. That is when Mountain Springs Esthetix was born. The spa is dedicated to natural, non-invasive, toxin-free methods that reduce wrinkles, blemishes, and facial hair. The same technology can plump lips, smooth skin, reduce acne, and calm rosacea. It usually takes 4-6 treatments to stimulate the body to make its own collagen again. With Viora V20, a light vacuum pulls the skin, to directly expose it to radio waves. The radio waves tell your body, remember how you used to make collagen, why don’t you do that again? Dr. Cook said, “The results are amazing, and people love that it is painless”

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