Mountain Springs Dental

Drs. Ray Garner and Nik Spendlove are both locals that believe in quality care.

I don’t know about you but sometimes it feels like big business is taking over everything. One of the things I make a priority is to support local businesses owned by real people. Mountain Springs Dental is a family owned dental office which has been part of the local community for more than 30 years. Ray Garner, DDS, grew up in North Ogden and attended Weber High. Other than an LDS mission and dental school Ray has lived his entire life here in North Ogden including raising his 5 children here.

Dr. Garner believes in supporting locally owned businesses as well. He has been a great support to our magazine and they love supporting the community in any way they can. In that spirit, Dr. Garner has brought his son-in-law Dr. Nik Spendlove into the business. Nik Graduated from Dental school in 2013 and worked in Oregon for a few years. He was considering buying a practice when the opportunity to partner with his father-in-law arose and the opportunity to come back home to North Ogden. Dr. Nik Spendlove, son of Merrill and Annette Spendlove, Annette is our City Recorder, also grew up here and went to Weber High.

As Dr. Garner built his practice, he realized that many people were getting taken advantage of by their dental insurance. Mountain Springs Dental takes insurance but they are often frustrated with the outcome of insurance. Sometimes a needed treatment isn’t covered entirely and the patient ends up paying hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars out of their own pocket despite the large amount they pay to have insurance.

With that in mind, Dr. Garner, who wants his clients to receive the quality care they need at a good price, came across a much better option. Mountain Springs Dental offers an alternative to dental insurance, called an In-house Savings Plan. It turns out it is a much better deal than dental insurance. It doesn’t have a waiting period, nor maximum amounts covered. The plan covers all of the in-house dental services regularly provided by Mountain Springs Dental.

With many controversial treatments in dentistry today, Drs. Garner and Spendlove also prefer natural treatments when effective and prudent, but also respect medical science and its incredible advances to help patients achieve overall oral health. By adding Dr. Spendlove, Mountain Springs has been able to begin offering some great new services. For example, they offer an executive service (off hours and Saturday appointments), which is great for those who cannot easily make daytime appointments. This service, along with the In-House Savings plan make this the dental office of choice for self-employed and those who work for small companies without coverage.

Additional cutting-edge services offered by Mountain Springs are GLO Science a scientific breakthrough in teeth whitening. In 32 minutes your teeth will be so white you will glow!

They also offer Invisalign, a clear, nearly invisible set of braces that anyone can do, especially professional adults. It is great to be able to get straight teeth without the train tracks.

Personally, Dr. Ray Garner has sung for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for the last 12 years. His wife LoriAnn is a Diamond Executive with ASEA. Their five children are Shauna, David, Rachael, Sara, and Izaak. Dr. Nik Spendlove and his wife Shauna also have five children, Ian, Miranda, Kamryn, Ashton, and Channing.

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