Mod Pizza

Create your own artisan styled pizza

When my stepdaughter suggested we meet at MOD Pizza to celebrate her birthday I thought it would be just another pizza joint, but it’s not. MOD stands for Made On Demand. Their menu is very simple – pizza and salad. All the pizzas are individual and custom made per your instructions. As you go down the line you tell them which sauce, toppings, meat, cheese etc. And they have plenty to choose from. An 11-inch pizza is $7.50 regardless of the number of toppings. You want extra meat or cheese – it’s all the same price.

Five minutes and 45 seconds was all it took from the time we paid until we got our 6 pizzas so you don’t have to wait long. The crust is thin which explains the short cooking time and they use a traditional real brick oven. The thin crust makes it more authentic, but I like thin crust because it’s more toppings to crust ratio – which means more flavor. You can order a double crust, but that does cost extra.

The atmosphere is casual since you go through the line and order somewhat like you would at Subway. You get to see all the toppings and can choose to customize your own or order something from their suggestion board. You can also get a large custom salad for the same price. I had a Caesar salad and the dressing was delicious. I also ordered one of their thick shakes – so good!

I think MOD Pizza definitely has its niche. It’s for people who want pizza a certain way and don’t want to compromise by having to order something the whole family can share (no more picking off the toppings you don’t want). It’s also for thin crust lovers. Hey, and they also have vegan cheese and other options.     

 Mod Pizza           

845 W Riverdale Rd.

 Riverdale, Ut

 (385) 389-2124


Cesaer salad, and

the shakes!


M-Th- 10:30 am–10:00 pm

F-S- 10:30 am-11:00 pm

Sun- 10:30 am–10:00 pm

On the Menu

MOD pizza does encourage customized pies, but they have a pretty good menu to choose from also.

Caspian– Mozzarella, gorgonzola, bbq chicken, barbecue sauce, sliced red onions

Tristan -Mozzarella, asiago, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, pesto

Calexico– Mozzarella, gorgonzola, chicken, jalapenos, hot buffalo sauce, red sauce

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