Military Spotlight: Saluting Our Service Members

By the Major Brent Taylor Foundation, written by Jenny Goldsberry

Andi Gregory
Andi joined the Army in July of 2019, after growing up and living in North Ogden all her life. She first contemplated joining the service when she was 16, and the thought stuck with her for 10 years, until she officially started her service. At Utah State University, she studied animal science with an emphasis in equine science, but now she works in information technology for the Army. Since June, Andi has served on a Space Command unit, which is a rare assignment within the Army. Her commander recruited her from her previous multifunctional medical battalion into her current unit. On top of it all, she also works in IT for Northrop Gruman, a very military-friendly employer.

Seth Gregory
Seth joined the Army the same month that Andi did. Then, both Seth and Andi ended up stranded at their training with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, even though they both finished in March of 2020. Later, they met during their IT training at Fort Gordon, in Georgia. As a result, they married and moved to North Ogden. While he’s currently overseas for the sake of Operational Security, he anticipates joining his wife in the Space Command unit sometime in the future. Should they both end up in the same unit, they plan on moving to Fort Carson full time, so they could remain close as a family while living close to their base.

Erin Shaffer
Erin comes from a long line of military service. Her grandfather served in the Navy. Meanwhile, her grandmother was among the very first group of women to serve in the Air Force in 1949. She was the one who introduced Erin to an Air Force recruiter. As a result, Erin served for 20 years. At first, she was with security forces. Her duties included long hours guarding airplanes and nuclear weapons in Montana, Turkey, and our very own Hill Air Force Base. After five years, she retrained to education and training management, serving a total of 20 years. Now, she’s a real estate agent for Berkshire Hathaway.

Scot Shaffer
Scot spent 27 years in the Air Force, and, for 15 of those years, he was enlisted. He met his wife, Erin, in the service. Erin was a training manager for his security forces squadron. Later, he would finish his bachelor’s degree and return to the service as an officer. Scot was entrusted to work as a Nuclear Launch Officer for the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile systems for the Air Force.

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