Military Spotlight: Saluting Our Service Members

By the Major Brent Taylor Foundation and Jenny Goldsberry

Mike Hall

Mike Hall joined the Navy at 49, but he and his wife, Katy, had been considering it for many years. The Halls felt immensely grateful to live in the greatest nation to ever exist and felt a strong urge to pay it back. In a phone call between a recruiter and his son, Mike took a leap and asked if the armed service had any need for an orthopedic surgeon at his age. To his surprise, they did. Their son would go on to join the Air Force.

After ten months, Mike met all the credentialing requirements, got into shape, and signed his commission in the Navy Reserves in September of 2019. He planned to do Officer Development School in the summer of 2020, but just six months after taking his oath, the nation would be in great need of doctors. In an unprecedented move, the Navy chose to deploy Mike to New York to treat COVID-19 patients. They gave him 36 hours’ notice, and he scrambled to leave his practice, get his patients and family taken care of, and pack for the two-month deployment. He took the one uniform he had with him and eventually had a second one sent to New York.

Meanwhile, Katy continued working as a nurse on the home front. Fortunately, the two could talk over the phone every night. They had mentally prepared in advance for a deployment like this. They have four children, with their last in high school. The support of their community during that unique period was a source of strength for them. Since then, Mike has finished ODS and continues to have an active private practice while still serving in the Navy Reserves.

Chester Walton

Chester Walton was born in 1887. By the time the First World War broke out, he was 27 years old, but that didn’t stop the draft from coming for him. He served in the army, fighting in France and Germany.

He met and married his wife, Mabel Gertrude Clack, after the Second World War. They did not have any children together. Chester and Mabel are long gone and buried in the Ben Lomond Cemetery. They might not have children to tell their story, but North Ogden doesn’t forget its veterans.


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