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Message to Weber High Seniors


To our Weber High 2020 graduates: You are an amazing group of students! You were newborns when the 9-11 disaster took place, and you are the graduates during the COVID-19 pandemic. In between these two events, you were part of political firsts, weather and nature incidents, entertainment celebrations, as well as state championships. You have been instrumental in the positive culture changes at Weber High. You are academic trendsetters; your leadership skills have exceeded expectations; you have set the bar high for future classes to reach. You have displayed empathy, engaged in community service projects, as well as dared to do things a different way, a right way, the Warrior way!

Never in our wildest dreams did we think your senior year would abruptly end on March 17th, and you would never set foot back into our classrooms with your peers and teachers. You have experienced online schooling, social distancing, isolation, and you have become more resilient than you ever thought was possible. You have learned to problem solve, strategize, believe in yourself, and overcome tough challenges. Through this experience, you have realized the importance of relationships and socialization through nonsocial media means. I strongly believe you are the generation to guide us back to the most important aspects of life…family, friends, face-to-face communication, and core values. You are learning today how to be the leaders of tomorrow. I have so much confidence in you and your abilities, and I can’t wait to see where you take us. As you finish off this school year and end this chapter, I want you to take a minute to reflect on the best moments of your Weber High career. Take a deep breath, slowly enjoy those moments and engrain them in your memory forever. Remember the dances, musicals, athletic events, homecomings, parades, assemblies, lunch with friends, and social gatherings in between classes. Remember what it means to be a Warrior, what the lit up “W” represents, and how it feels to be a Warrior! Seniors, you will forever have a place in my heart! I will never forget you, how you made me laugh, the ways you challenged me to be a better person and leader, and I will always remember the sacrifices you endured while history was made. I challenge you to continue to work hard, make a positive difference every day in the world and in the lives of others. You ARE the future and never forget you are, “My Kids!” Love you, Warriors!

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