Message from Mayor Berube

Mayor Berube

Summer is quickly passing by, and many great things have happened and are still happening in our city. I thought it would be appropriate to update you on a few of those things.

First, I want to recognize all those who were involved in Cherry Days. The events were outstanding, and I have received many positive comments from citizens. I appreciate the many residents of our community and others who stepped forward to help with Cherry Days. I also appreciate the city employees who did their part. It was gratifying to see the spirit of volunteerism that exists in our community.

The long-awaited opening of the expanded intersection at 2600 N and 400 E took place on July 14th, after many years of planning. Thanks to our public works team for their tireless efforts, Granite Construction, and our citizens for their patience. The restriping of 2600 N will begin shortly and will provide turn lanes at the respective intersections. We feel this will help with the flow of traffic. The restriping will prohibit parking on 2600 N.

At the city council meeting held on July 13th, several important decisions were made. As Mayor, I declared a Critical Water Emergency Proclamation that limits the use of culinary water. This proclamation was issued to assist in conserving our precious water resources. The use of culinary water is limited to the following:

  1. essential needs such as cooking, bathing, drinking, and washing clothes
  2. watering livestock, residential gardens, trees, shrubs, and flowers, utilizing a garden hose; there can be no connection of culinary water to sprinkler systems
  3. agricultural use can be authorized by obtaining a no-cost permit from the public works department; permits will be issued on a limited basis

The use of culinary water on lawns is strictly prohibited.

As part of this proclamation, the city council passed fines for the violation of the proclamation. The first infraction will result in a warning. The second infraction will result in a fine of $250 and disconnection of water until the fine is paid. A third infraction will result in a $500 fine and disconnection of water until the fine is paid. Further violations constitute a misdemeanor that will result in the temporary disconnection of water and require an appearance before a judge, who will determine the fine. It is our hope that, through education, violations can be avoided.

The council also voted to keep Pleasant View Drive open and limit access to right turns only onto and from Washington Blvd. The intersection at 2650 N and 400 E will also be limited to right turns, with no access to Pleasant View Drive from 2650 N.

The city will hold a Truth in Taxation Hearing at the Senior Citizen Center on August 3rd, at 6:00 p.m. I invite you to attend and provide input as we make important decisions regarding tools needed to retain and recruit public safety officers.

Be safe and enjoy the remaining days of summer!
Mayor Berube

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