Message from Mayor Berube

Mayor Neal Berube

While I was listening to the radio recently, the radio host used a term that I thought was very relevant in today’s world. The term was “hyper-reactionary.” Hyper means over, beyond, extreme, or above. The root word of reactionary is reaction, which is defined as an action or feeling in response to an event or a situation. You don’t have to look far to see extreme reactions to various situations. Overreacting doesn’t appear to solve many problems or contribute to success. Let me give you a few examples where not being “hyper-reactionary” worked.

  • Several weeks ago, the Utah Jazz played the Golden State Warriors. With 13 seconds left, the Jazz was behind by four points. They weren’t “hyper-reactionary” but, instead, stayed calm and stuck with their original game plan and won by one point. It would have been easy to give up with such little time remaining or to make major changes in their strategy.
  • The University of Utah recently won the PAC 12 football championship game. The Utes overcame an early 17-3 deficit. Early in the game, it looked like USC would cruise to an easy victory; however, in the second half, the Utes overpowered USC and won the game by a score of 47-24. They never gave up! After the game, some of the television analysts praised the Utes coach for making adjustments at halftime. One analyst who was very familiar with the Ute coach took exception and said, “He didn’t make adjustments, he just inspired his team to execute the original game plan.” This is another example of not being “hyper-reactionary” but remaining calm and sticking with the original plan.

You might be asking, “What does this have to do with North Ogden?” Several years ago, the city council agreed on a financial plan that would keep the city on a strong financial foundation. This plan involved avoiding unfunded financial commitments and preparing for future growth. Difficult decisions were made, one of which involved increasing property taxes. I think it would be safe to say that some were “hyper-reactionary” to this plan, which is their right. The city council could have overreacted to such a response but has remained calm and intends on executing the original plan (which does not always include a significant tax increase). Just like with the examples above, North Ogden will not give up and will find success in sticking with the original plan.

Starting in January, the city will begin the budgeting process. For the first time in recent history, the city council has approved a committee of volunteer citizens to give input in developing the fiscal 2024 budget. Committee members’ names and contact information will be published in the February Connection Magazine. I’m sure they would value your input. You can also give the city council direct input by attending city council meetings.

As we start the new year, it is my hope we can work together and keep North Ogden a great place to live!
Mayor Neal Berube

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