Message from Mayor Berube

“November 11th is the official day set aside to recognize those who serve and have served in the military”

My mother was born in December of 1923 and graduated from Malad High School in 1942. I’ll never forget the day she showed me her senior yearbook. I was stunned by the number of her classmates who had been identified as either missing or killed in action during World War II. It was a reminder of the sacrifice of those who have fought for our freedom, and it caused me to be grateful for all our veterans. November 11th is the official day set aside to recognize those who serve and have served in the military; however, prior to that day, several meaningful events will take place in our community. On October 29th, one of the largest free-flying flags in our country will be hung in Coldwater Canyon in honor of our veterans. On November 6th, at Barker Park, the Veterans Day program will be held. I encourage members of our community to participate in these events and offer the following suggestions as ways to honor our veterans.

• Proudly fly your flag.
• Donate to a veteran focused charity.
• Show your gratitude by attending a gathering where veterans are present.
• Visit the George Wahlen Veterans Home and personally thank a veteran.
• Write a letter to someone you know is serving or has served.
• Take a veteran to lunch.

THANK YOU to all who have or are serving our country in the military!!

November is also the month when many celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a wonderful time to reflect on all the things we are grateful for. We have much to be grateful for in our community, and I am personally thankful for all those who serve our community and make North Ogden such a great place to live. Being grateful is about appreciating what one has, as opposed to what one wants. I recognize there are many in our community who are struggling with various challenges, and there are many wants unfilled. I wish all our citizens a happy Thanksgiving and hope we can all concentrate on the blessings in our lives.

Recently, the city council decided to return Cherry Days to its original intent – that of a community-sponsored event celebrating the cherry harvest. For many years, the event has been organized by city staff and has become a 4th of July event. Starting this year and in future years, Cherry Days will be organized and run by a citizen committee. This year, the committee will be chaired by Terry and Lynne Bexell, with assistance from Spencer and Megan Stephens, Alan Kerbs, and Melanie Ewing. The committee will recommend to the city council the route of the parade, along with the date of the celebration and other events that will take place during the week. The committee will need many volunteers from our community, and I encourage you to volunteer for this incredible event. Additional information will be forthcoming.

I express my gratitude for the opportunity to serve North Ogden.

Mayor Neal Berube

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