Message from Council Member Blake Cevering

Council member Blake Cevering

Mayor Berube asked me to write the “message of the month” for May. I love Mayor Berube’s slogan “One North Ogden.” I know it came from a desire that he has to encourage North Ogden citizens to continue (as has been evident over the years) to serve, assist, love, include, and help each other in our neighborhoods.

I have lived in North Ogden all my life (though I know I look considerably younger than 56). I have seen us band together to combat floods, droughts, and rockslides. Frequently I see neighbors helping neighbors. This is what makes North Ogden City what it is… the service rendered by GREAT CITIZENS! If I have said this once, I have said this a million times, NORTH OGDEN CITIZENS ROCK!

May I invite you to help me with a big task? Just before COVID paralyzed the world, as a private business owner in North Ogden, I began Build Barker Park 501-C3, a non-profit organization dedicated to finishing the area north of the amphitheater. This park (with all of us pitching in our time, skills, and donations (tax-deductible at BUILDBARKERPARK.ORG) could be THE PARK of parks. As a city councilman, I know that the city will never have the discretionary money to complete this park. I am calling upon individuals, families, church groups, youth groups, and neighborhoods to band together as “One North Ogden” to get this park completed. Please watch for opportunities on BUILD BARKER PARK FACEBOOK PAGE or on KIRT’S sign for service opportunities (most likely to begin in June).

When people unite with a purpose, we love each other more and we accomplish things that are extraordinary! Let’s leave an INCREDIBLE LEGACY that will last for generations and fulfill Mayor Berube’s desire to be “ONE NORTH OGDEN” to get this park done!

Council member Blake Cevering

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