Meet Scarlett Solomon


Scarlett is an “old soul,” 8th-grade student at North Ogden Jr. High School, where her favorite subject is English because she “likes the idea of writing down anything she wants and sending it out to the world for others to read what she has to say.” She’s very passionate about inspiring others to let their voices be heard and is an advocate for women being recognized for the large loads they carry. This zeal inspired her first song that she’s currently writing, called “Pockets”: a song about women’s rights and equality.

Scarlett has always been a cool kid! In 6th grade; she was presented with the Hope of America award, an award that recognizes students who demonstrate leadership, service, and strong academic accomplishments. She was recently selected as a Star Student by her English teacher for being an outstanding student and was inducted into the National Jr. Honor Society.

Aside from her commitment to her education, Scarlett spent time this summer volunteering at a place that’s always been a big part of her family: the Ogden Nature Center.

Scarlett is multi-talented and has interest in several areas. She has enjoyed playing the piano for nine years, is a member of the honor choir, plays soccer, is writing her first book, enjoys playing video games, and loves spending time with her family and best friend, Rachel.

She’s not quite sure what her future looks like, but Scarlett does know that she wants to be financially stable and pursue a career in math.

Scarlett says, “When I look at myself, I think I’m pretty cool, but I know I can always do better.” We think you’re very cool and are excited to watch you continue to positively impact our community.

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