Meet Ava van der Mast


Ava is the epitome of kindness and empathy. She has a heart of gold and is already on track to do miraculous things as she grows up. At only 16 years old, she is well beyond her years and has mastered the art of community service. She’s currently a student at Weber Innovation High School where she is taking advantage of the self-paced learning and is studying college courses in hopes of graduating early with her high school diploma and associates degree. As a second-year student, Ava is working with her classmates and is building a tiny home to help the homeless population in the community.

In mid-August of 2021, Ava joined the Boy Scouts and immediately began working towards her Eagle Scout, quickly obtaining 31 badges. She’s six months ahead of schedule and is now just waiting for the designated timeline so she can begin her final Eagle Scout project, with the goal of gathering donations to help with those who are less fortunate and struggle with homelessness.

At the beginning of the summer, Ava started volunteering with the Red Cross by checking donors in and checking blood types. She enjoys serving those around her and looks forward to continuing her service to the Red Cross.

Ava is working hard to obtain a scholarship to see her goal of becoming a plastic surgeon through to the end. She wants to continue helping those in need by providing reconstructive surgery to those who have suffered a tragic event. She’s smart, driven, and wholeheartedly determined to do the best she can. In the words of her dad, “Ava meets or exceeds all expectations in everything she does. I am very proud of my daughter.” She loves bonfires, spending time with her boyfriend and friends, skateboarding, or just driving around town.

As you can see, she certainly is the epitome of kindness and empathy; and to think, she’s just getting started…

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