Mayor’s Message Pleasant View

Mayor’s Message

This month I would like to talk about two important matters that affect all of us: Recycling and Water. Back when I was on the City Council (2000-2007), we worked hard to bring recycling to our city. I’m afraid to report that our recycling program is in jeopardy of becoming too costly to continue. The problem that we, as well as other cities, are facing is tipping fees for recyclables are going through the roof. It seems that we as a society are having trouble separating our clean recyclables from our “dirty” trash. I would encourage everyone to try harder to ensure that the items placed in the blue can are clean and meet the guidelines for recycling. Rinse any beverage containers. Discard pizza boxes into the black can. The City will send out a reminder of the types of items that can be recycled with your utility bill. I love this program and think it would be short sighted to let it go, but I am deeply concerned that it may become too costly for our citizens to afford. It is rumored that a ten-fold increase may be headed our way. If so, some tough decisions will need to be made. I will keep you informed.

The second matter that I would like to address is water. More specifically, lack of water. Last month I mentioned 100 year storms. Maybe I jinxed us. I’m still hoping that we get the moisture we need, although at this point I’m guessing it will come in the form of rain instead of snow. Please be aware of your water usage. Try and cut back on those long, hot showers and look for ways to save on culinary water usage. Don’t just turn your outdoor timer back on this spring. Take a few minutes and see if you can adjust it 5 or 10 minutes shorter, or even better, see if you can go a whole day longer between cycles.

It is great to live in a city where the citizens actually care about their environment. As I went door to door during the election, so many of you commented about the beauty, cleanliness, and overall character of our city. I am so grateful that you share my love for Pleasant View. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that we remain the best place to not only grow up, but the best place to grow old.



Leonard Call,


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