Mayor Message

Now that we are moving into November, I have a few reminders.

The Public Works/Plow Crew has asked me to remind you about a few items; Please take a moment and trim the trees back off the street so they don’t damage the plow trucks. Every year the branches break several of the mirrors; also, please remember not to park on the street during the storms so we can get the streets plowed.

We have had many calls recently about Code Enforcement and the general up-keep of properties throughout the City. Residents and The City Council have asked that we start addressing these concerns. We would ask that you please take a moment to look at your property and see if there is anything you can improve.

It is not my intent to make this a police state, however, there are some legitimate concerns and they need to be addressed. It is my hope that this letter will produce some action and if not, in the beginning of December, our administrator and myself will take a few days and drive all the streets making notes of potential issues and send a letter to the owner asking for their help in remedying the problem.

Another issue that I have received several calls on is speeding. This seems to be happening all over the City. I have asked that the police start patrolling these areas more and in some cases, more citations will be issued. The bad part about this is, that it is our residents who will get the tickets. I would please ask that you slow down and drive the posted speed limit. Also, please don’t text and drive, we want you to arrive alive.

Please be aware there is crime in our City, don’t keep your garage doors open for long periods of time and make sure your side doors and car doors are locked. If you see something, say something. The number to call in a non-emergency situation is 801-395-8221 to report an issue.

Yours in service,

Mayor Toby Mileski

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