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Mayor Berube

I remember reading a book about customer service a few years ago, and several things stuck in my mind. The most vivid thing I remember is the statement that it typically costs no more to deliver exceptional service than average service. In other words, it’s free. Another thing I recall is the statement that most people don’t chose to deliver poor service; they just don’t choose to deliver exceptional service. In the case of our police department, they have chosen to deliver exceptional service, and as a result, North Ogden was recognized as the fifth safest city in the state of Utah. Thank you, Chief Quiney and the members of our public safety department!

We can all contribute to exceptional service by providing suggestions and solutions that will improve our quality of life. I have discovered that suggestions are more likely to be considered when I employ the following principles:
• Think before I speak.
• Avoid bitter stereotyping.
• Try to find common ground.
• Remember that differences of opinion should not result in ill feelings.
• Keep your level of speaking to one of kindness and consideration.
• Try to find the good and not default to the negative.
• Don’t avoid the truth.

In the last several months, the city council has been faced with very difficult decisions, and the next several months will be no different. Many of these decisions will have an influence on the future of our city. I would encourage every citizen to be involved early in the process by being informed and expressing your concerns and solutions. This would provide a great opportunity to practice the above principles.

A constitutional scholar recently said, “The source of government power is the people. The Constitution of the United States established a constitutional democratic republic where the people exercise their power through their elected representatives.”

For citizens to exercise their power, it is important that they stay involved. Citizens initially became involved when they cast their ballot, but to gain knowledge and understanding requires collaboration with their elected officials. We can either be spectators or participants in our local government. Being a spectator is safe because it’s easy to blend in and go with the flow. However, the opportunity to share great ideas is limited because we are often concerned about being ridiculed or embarrassed, and taking a risk is not in our DNA. Conversely, being a participant results in sharing ideas and opinions, taking risk, and encouraging elected officials to act upon those things that will improve our community. If we want our local government to have power to improve our quality of life, it takes participants.

If you would like to be a participant, join us in city council meetings. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. You can join us in person or on Zoom. I hope to see you there!

Mayor Berube

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