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Mayor Berube

Spring is here, and warmer weather, blossoming flowers, and fresh air are amongst us. It is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. It has been said that springtime is a time to take action after spending the winter in what could be called a form of human hibernation.

North Ogden is taking action on many fronts. The long-awaited widening of the Washington Blvd. and 2600 North intersection has begun, along with the widening of 2600 North to the city offices and 400 East to 2850 North. It is anticipated the projects will be completed in October of this year. You can stay updated on the progress of the projects by visiting

The search for a new city planning director is in progress as Rob Scott, our current director, has announced his retirement. We express our gratitude to Rob for the many contributions he has made to North Ogden.

Municipal elections are just around the corner, and our new City Recorder, Katie Gerrard, is preparing a calendar of deadlines that will soon be published.

City staff is completing the plans for a great Cherry Days celebration. The parade and fireworks will be held on July 3rd. Due to road construction, the parade route will begin on Washington Blvd. at 2550 North and head south. Most events normally held in conjunction with Cherry Days are scheduled to take place; however, events at North Ogden Park have not been finalized due to potential Covid restrictions. All events have been planned based upon providing a safe environment for those who choose to participate.

The city council is moving forward on a solution to replace the outdated and unsafe public safety building. This may be one of the most important decisions made by the city in many years. Your input is valued, and we encourage you to stay informed on this especially important project.

It is that time of year, of course, when the council turns their attention to formulating the budget for fiscal year 2022. The budgeting process involves making decisions on how taxpayer funds will be utilized, including whether to reinstate recycling. Over the next several months, a portion of each council meeting will be dedicated to discussing the budget. I invite you to join us in these discussions. Currently, meetings are held on Zoom, but we are developing plans to hold in-person meetings as soon as it is determined to be safe. You can get information on council meeting agendas by calling the city offices or visiting the city website.

As spring is a time to be outside, many citizens will be utilizing our trails and doing “spring cleaning” in their yards. I encourage you to help those who are unable to complete their “spring cleaning” on their own, and if you’re on the trails, don’t be hesitant to pick up any trash you come across. Doing this will keep North Ogden a great place to live.

May April showers bring May flowers!

Mayor Berube

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