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Mayor Berube

Have you ever asked yourself the question “What would happen if…”? Asking this question, can bring to our attention opportunities that would otherwise not come to light. In today’s changing environment, it is important that we seek to continually improve things that will keep North Ogden a great place to live!

Many of us have read the book, The Road Less Traveled. The reason the road was less traveled was because it was difficult. For many, 2020 was a difficult road to travel; however, the new year brings hope that things will get better, and we will be able to reengage with friends and family on a higher level. However, there are still many miles to be traveled on that difficult road.

Living life helps us understand that there is no Easy Street and we generally reap what we sow. Doing the same thing over and over might make us think we are on Easy Street, but in reality, it can cause us to become content with the status quo. The problem with doing the same thing over and over is it becomes hard to adapt and make improvements. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand that there is risk in doing nothing. It has been said that “complacency is the root of mediocrity, and mediocrity is success’s worst enemy.” I believe the citizens of North Ogden expect continual progress towards improving the quality of life in our city. The term “smart growth” has often been used by city officials. Perhaps the new phrase should be, “Planning to improve the quality of life for North Ogden Citizens so we avoid mediocrity.”

So, what does status quo, complacency, continuous improvement, and success have to do with North Ogden? They are all connected to how we approach shaping the future of our city, some in a negative way, and others in a positive way. Personally, I believe we should focus on continuous improvement and success. North Ogden is experiencing significant growth, and your elected officials understand tough decisions lay ahead. Our commitment is this: we will avoid Easy Street and, when appropriate, take the road less traveled. We will not ignore tradition, but we will be progressive in making decisions that will improve the quality of life for those who reside in North Ogden.

I would challenge each of us to ask ourselves the question, “what would happen if I went the extra mile on the road less traveled?” I believe the result would be an increase in individual opportunities and the probability that our great city would thrive. We surely wouldn’t have to worry about our city becoming mediocre. I invite you to reach out to myself or a member of the city council and share your ideas on ways to enhance what is special to you about North Ogden.

Be safe and enjoy the beauty of North Ogden. After all, it is a great place to live!

Mayor Berube

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