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Brett Hadley, owner of Master Electrical, specializes in residential services and treating his customers well.YOU’RE FIRED!! Hard words to hear at any time but Brett Hadley, owner of Master Electrical, had to hear them from his own father. He was working in the family business at the time and his dad said that he was unreliable. He sent him to the local Subway to get a job, which was a great opportunity for Brett to learn to work hard and how to be responsible and reliable. He eventually went back to work for his dad and became one of his best workers. Upon reflection, Brett realizes that this was one of the best lessons he could have learned at the time. He would one day apply those lessons to his business and look for employees who have the same attitudes and values that he had learned from his dad.


When the opportunity arose to start Master Electrical, which would not directly compete with his father’s business, Hadley Electric, Brett had learned what he needed to learn and took advantage of the opportunity. Master Electrical was founded in 2004 and focused on an often overlooked segment of the market; residential service. Over the years Master Electrical has grown by focusing on creating a great company culture and top notch customer service. In 2013 Brett would partner with his long-time marketing manager, Steve Lin, and together they have developed Master Home Services. In addition to Master Electrical, they own Total Protection Security Systems, which is a natural complement to their electrical service business. As a fun side business, they also own our local North Ogden Family Haircuts which serves men, women, and children with affordable haircuts.

One of Brett and Steve’s most important challenges is keeping enough technicians on staff to handle the continued growth they are experiencing. They came up with a way to grow their technician staff by offering apprenticeships which can knock two years off of the journeyman requirements plus it allows Master Electrical to train and develop the types of workers they really want. There are no bad habits, plus those apprentices are getting the best training because they ride along with the best technicians in the company.

It is no secret that this magazine is funded by advertising revenue, so I spend time on a daily basis interacting with companies and their staff. I can often tell when customers are treated well simply by the staff who man the phones and the front desk. Every time I have visited Master Electrical, I have been greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. I appreciate this and also know that this attitude is one that Brett and his management team look for in hiring and is also taught and encouraged in their ongoing training. This makes it a pleasure to interact with them and a pleasure to refer you to their services.

Master Electrical specializes in helping around your home. They offer service and repairs of any electrical components of your home. They can install outlets, install recess can lighting, Christmas plug eve outlets.They love setting up whole home standby generators, as well as installing ceiling fans, light fixtures, and dedicated circuits if needed. They are also very knowledgeable on all things solar. They can help prepare the home for solar installation or help you install it yourself.

Brett and his wife Shannon have 4 children and reside in North Ogden. They are active in our community and we are grateful to have them as contributors to the magazine.

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