Maria Montessori Academy

This method of teaching focuses on hands-on, active learning and emotional development

Most of the residents of North Ogden and Pleasant View have heard of Maria Montessori Academy in North Ogden. We’ve all been curious. What makes this school so special. We spoke with Education Specialist Kim, Dohrer, one of the Education Consultants to the school. She’s been working with them since they opened Fall of 2010. This public Montessori School is one of only two along the Wasatch Front that are free to attend. Many people in other areas are paying high prices to attend private Montessori schools.

The Montessori Method of education takes its name from Italian physician and educator, Maria Montessori (1870- 1952). There are many schools in many countries based on her research. What makes this method so special and unique? It focuses on hands-on active learning and social and emotional development, as well as academics. They also group together students of different ages, and they’ve found that all of them benefit from this model. Students learn best when they are teaching others, and this gives them the opportunity to do just that.

Academic learning is very important to us as parents, but we also want our children to learn grace, courtesy, serving others, and how to be good community members. These are topics that are not commonly addressed in a traditional classroom. At Maria Montessori Academy, they also teach their students communication and how to resolve their differences effectively. Learning to take responsibility and to make choices is also part of the Montessori Method. Kim said, “By providing choices to a child in learning, you are developing the skills that address the whole child.” The school also takes time to focus on real life skills, such as washing dishes, using knives in the kitchen, and sewing.

Maria Montessori Academy uses a hands-on method for teaching math, and Kim comes from a background of teaching math. She said, “Students that come from a Montessori background have a concrete view of numbers.” Young children learn to understand the three-dimensional reality of math by handling objects. They learn by touch, sight, and hearing.

We also spoke with Sarah Fonnesbeck, parent and Board-Member. When she first discovered the Montessori method, she was immediately impressed. She felt like this was exactly what her kids and a lot of other kids needed. “It felt like a very natural way to educate, where the kids have autonomy and can progress at their own pace.” She wanted her kids to enjoy learning and to be excited to go to school. She wanted to foster the natural curiosity of the kids in the classrooms. She also loved that teachers can stay with a class for up to three years. They really get to know the students and their personalities. Students don’t have to adjust to a new teacher and new classmates every year.

Maria Montessori Academy welcomes parents who would like a tour and to find out more about their unique learning environment. They focus on providing amazing field experiences for their students. It’s something that they really value and that the students remember and appreciate. The school is now coming up on its tenth year here. Kim said, “MMA loves being in North Ogden. It’s a great community, and we really enjoy bringing value to the area.”

“I am so impressed by the dedicated, professional staff that deeply cares for the students at our school. I see them having such deep, rich relationships with students and parents that facilitate open communication between school and home.” –Mike Geilmann, Director

2505 N 200 E, North Ogden,
UT 84414
(801) 827-0150

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